Wrinkles in time, smoothed.

Peter has been sleeping much later in the mornings, sometimes until ten or after. On the one hand, that gives me time to write or go for my morning walk, but on the other hand, I wait for him to get up so I can do laundry, tidy the bedroom, or maybe run an errand. While I’m glad to have extra time to myself, I’m also testy with him because he sleeps undisturbed while I wait to get my chores done.

Ironing, for instance.

Peter wears long-sleeved dress shirts every day and they need, if not ironing, then at least touch-ups. True, I’m the one who nags him to put his shirts into the hamper, while he insists they’re clean even when they’re so stiff they could walk to the laundry room. If he hasn’t spilled soup on the front, he says they’re fine.

I seldom have time, or more correctly, seldom have the inclination, to iron his shirts, or anything else, anymore. Recently, when he asked if he could help me, as he does several times a day, I suggested he iron shirts. And he did! He does a better job than I do, although he thought eight shirts were too many to do in one afternoon. Humph.

The next time he asked if he could help, I again suggested he iron shirts. Those shirts still hang, wrinkled, in the guest room closet. He doesn’t want to do them and I’ve decided to go on strike. He can no longer do most things around the house, but he can still use an iron and, well, he’s the one who wears the shirts. If he chooses not to iron them, then wrinkled they’ll be.

It isn’t really about the ironing, of course, it’s about all the other tasks that pile up like unmated socks. Another iceberg lurking.

If it were possible to smooth the “wrinkles in time” to squeeze more hours into a day, I’d get the iron out…or ask my husband to do it.

2016 National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ contest finalist. 



9 thoughts on “Wrinkles in time, smoothed.

  1. Why not take the shirts to the laundry? To me, it would be
    money well spent. Dementia is the pits…. I say pick your issues! In the realm of problems, this is easily solved!

  2. I think ironing is relaxing and rewarding as do I find matching socks. Matching socks is a quest for me that I think I am the only one who likes the challenge. Of course you know me Judy so you understand, I’m a bit odd! My advice….don’t sweat the small stuff….if Peter wants a pressed shirt….let him press it one shirt at a time as the shirt he wants to wear….or as others have suggested dry cleaners!

    • Your comment reminded me of the first time I went to Peter’s house, our first date, a few days after we met. He showed me around the house, including the laundry room. There was no washer or dryer, but there was a rod with probably 30 shirts hanging on it. And an ironing board and iron. He told me he went to the launderette once a month, hung his shirts up on the rod, and ironed one a day to wear to work. I’ll remind him of that, and your idea. Thanks, Robin.

  3. Okay, for what it’s worth…I suggest setting out 4 shirts for him…Not as overwhelming!!

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