Dementia: ‘Auld acquaintance be forgot, never brought to mind.’

Snapping, sparkling fireworks went off in my head when the WordPress 2014 annual report for this blog arrived. I just started “Dementia isn’t funny” five months ago, so mine isn’t really an annual report, but I’m thrilled to have statistics to be reported upon! Woo hooo.

My December 26 post, Times change… years go by , caused too many tears, so I’ve resolved to start 2015 off with words that underscore laughter — laughter helps Peter and I through our days, some good, some bad.  There are lots of people who endure situations way worse than ours, so giggles should be my focus. Everything is better when dosed with laughs.

Laugh anytime.

Laugh anytime.

The WordPress report begins with this excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds sixty people. This blog [mine!] was viewed about 1,600 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about twenty-seven trips to carry that many people.

C’mon, 1,600 times? Really?

“Laughter layered with despair,” my first post here, has had the most views and the most comments to date, though the title doesn’t seem to promise laughs, does it?

My daughters, Carolynn and Leslie, Carolynn’s husband Bill, her friend Robin, and my longtime friend CJ rate a big thank you for being my most active commenters. And thanks, too, to other family and friends who have urged me on.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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2016 National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ contest finalist. 

12 thoughts on “Dementia: ‘Auld acquaintance be forgot, never brought to mind.’

  1. Your blog has been a touch stone for me as I care for my mom (93). I appreciate your efforts to find humor in living with dementia.

  2. Keep them coming in 2015. You never know how many lives you touch with your words, love, and humor.

  3. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, wow you had 1600 views one day, that is INCREDIBLE!!! Soooo proud of you!! I wanted to continue my streak about this post, but there is nowhere to comment!! You keep on writing Judith!!

  4. Laughter IS the best medicine, and you are bringing that ‘old saying’ to life. Good job, Judy! I know your strength, courage, and good heart will see you through each day of the new year and beyond. cj

  5. Your blog has been both affirming and inspiring as I care for my Mom who is 93. She is from Germany and has a great deal of inner strength even in the face of ever worsening dementia. She has lost much of her sight, vision and her memory. What she hasn’t lost is her great sense of humor, her wisdom and her desire to do something helpful. So her favorite visits always include a good cup of strong “kaffe mit kuchen,” conversation filled with laughter (a slightly off color joke is most appreciated) and something to help with. I’m a knitter so currently she is winding skeins of yarn into perfectly round balls for me. We are living the roller coaster ride of dementia, I never know what’s ahead but I do know to enjoy the sweet spots and my time with her. Thanks so much for your blog!

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