Bragging, right?

At the urging of my friend Kathie, I submitted three posts from this blog to the National Society of Newspaper Columnists Contest, Online Blog, Multimedia Under 100,000 Unique Visitors Category. Whoo, a categorical mouthful!

UnknownIn a May 6 email from Cathy Turney, NSNC Column Contest Chair, she informed me that I was one of three finalists in that category.

My happy dance shook the rafters. There might even be a hairline crack in the foundation. I so wanted to tell Peter about it, babble on and on the way I used to do when some small triumph came my way.

But I can’t, not anymore. I’ve told him about this blog, as well as my other one, “Wherever you go, there you are.” He isn’t the least bit curious. I’ve tried to encourage him to read some posts, but he simply will not. Maybe he cannot. I’m not at all sure he can read very well anymore. He can’t concentrate long enough to remember the plot, and he often  asks me the meaning of words. Typical of Peter, he jokes about it, deliberately mispronouncing a word he doesn’t recognize.

There are days when I think he’d enjoy some of my shorter posts because the blog centers on him. He likes to know he’s noticed, a star in his own galaxy. Yet there are other days, too many lately, when knowing that I write about him would infuriate him. He’d retreat to what I’ve always called his “Mt. Rushmore mode.” Stoney. Silent.

So, except for an email in all caps to Carolynn, Leslie and a few others, I’ve been mum. Until now. Maybe I’ve earned bragging rights.

I wish I could share my excitement with my husband and that he could understand my thrill.

I with I had no reason to write this blog. Dementia really isn’t funny.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 5.26.17 PM

“Dementia isn’t funny” NSNC contest entries:
“Magic pills? Wonder drugs? Snake oil?”
“Chips, a food group unto itself”
“It’s the little things.”

Header photo: Peter and I at granddaughter Samtha’s college graduation.

2016 National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ contest finalist. 

15 thoughts on “Bragging, right?

  1. I wish you only wrote “Wherever you go, there you are” and had no reason to write this one either. But you sure do it well. I’m ever so proud of my Mom.

  2. But all of your family and friends (near, far, and dear) are celebrating with you. Please keep us posted! Love and blessings, Bonnie

  3. Congratulations from me and Jerry! We both do read every word and enjoy and sympathize with you…we just don’t comment. My sister reads both your blogs and looks forward to the next one, as we do. Keep it up.

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  4. Congratulations, Judy! Your writing skills just keep increasing with the years and glad you are being recognized for them. You are reaching out to so many others with this blog, even though we all would wish you Not have this topic to write about. Proud to be in your cheering section!
    cj xo

  5. Congratulations! But I must say that I’m not a bit surprised. Your writing I’d thought provoking and very enjoyable to read. If Peter could read snd make sense of it, he would be so proud of you. You have taken an issue that is difficult for most of us, actually one of our greatest fears, and shown us the human day to day side of it always with a dose of humor thrown in. You, Judy, are to be admired!

  6. Judy, this is such great and encouraging news! We read all of your blogs and I forward them [on]. … Reading your blogs gives us a feeling of being involved in his life, albeit a bitter sweet one. Your way of writing of the day to day antics, the fun times and the not so fun times, [is] so vivid…. How blessed Peter is for having chosen you as his soul mate.

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