A haircut doesn’t hurt.

Lourie has been cutting my hair for years, and Virginia has been washing my hair as long. Now Lourie also cuts Peter’s hair and trims his beard, against his grumbling protests, I might add.  He argues, complains and pouts. He’s worse than a three-year-old getting his first haircut.

Virginia’s magic touch puts him in a good mood, and Lourie, who’s been in the biz for thirty-four years, puts up with his nonsense with her signature bubbly laugh.  She jollies him along and is a perfect audience for his jokes, the old routine I’ve heard a million times.

After I sneak a photo of the event around the corner, I sink into a chair, totally relaxed, knowing he’s in good hands. I doze.

Peter comes out looking like his old self — younger and smiling. Lourie and her flashing scissors did their usual excellent job. Win, win!

Header photo: Lourie keeps Peter laughing while she cuts his hair.

2016 National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ contest finalist. 

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  1. Lourie is a special person. I admit I have been misspelling her name for years. Because of her I was able to find a great care facility for my mom when I needed it. Her mothe -in-law has been in “Continuous Care” in Christiansburg for several years, and when I was taking care of my mom, she gave me their phone number to use when I needed it. Well, over 2 years ago I needed it and they happened to have a space. I am so grateful to her for that. Also, she cuts my mother’s hair and the other 2 residents hair (including her mother-in-law) at no charge. Of course I pay her when I go in for my own haircut, but she doesn’t expect to be paid.

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