It was a date.

“I know what the date it,” Peter said suddenly, “but I don’t know the day.”  We were having coffee at our favorite bakery. We go there fairly often, but this was a special day.

“Mmm,” I said, “what is the date then?”

He nodded towards the large hanging blackboard that had specials listed. February 26, 2016 was written across the top. His birthday.

Version 2

I laughed. “That’s why we’re here. It’s your birthday. And it’s Friday by the way.”

Version 2

“My birthday? I didn’t know…”

“You didn’t know even when I said ‘Happy Birthday’ when you got up, nor from the message I put on your board…?”

“When was that?”

“First thing this morning,” I said.

“Oh, that was a long time ago.” Thirty seconds is a long time ago for him these days.

It turned out to be one of his best birthdays ever, I think. We went to see the newly released “Eddie the Eagle” followed by fish and chips at Red Robin. I figured the movie — about the young Englishman who decided to compete as a ski jumper in the 1988 Calgary Olympics — would be a sure bet. And it was. Most films with English overtones catch Peter’s fancy, and this one laugh-out-loud funny and punctuated with Olympian excitement and hope. We laughed at Eddy who had no fear, and groaned and yelped at his spectacular crashes. We trained and strained with him as he worked toward his goal. The movie was the perfect antidote for the week I’d had, and a perfect birthday treat  for my husband.

Later, he pronounced his fish and chips “good as always.” We even shared Chocolate “Fruffles”™ to drench in fruit “ketchup” and whipped creme. What’s not to love?

“So you liked the movie, then?” I said. “Good, wasn’t it?”

“What movie?” he asked, then shook his head disgustedly. “Sorry, I’m sorry. I don’t remember.” I gave him clues — “English…skiing…Olympics…Eagle” — but nothing sparked his memory.

He noticed his message board for the first time when we got home. Later, he jotted a note to me: THANK YOU.

Even if he couldn’t recall what he was thanking me for, that made my day.

Header photo: Chairs at our favorite bakery, Our Daily Bread.


2016 National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ contest finalist. 

8 thoughts on “It was a date.

  1. My brother has pointed out that when Mother and I have a good time together, shemay not remember what we did but she is left with the positive, happy feelings. And that must be right because when I got to see her she is so happy to see me, always wants a hug and kiss…even though most often now she doesn’t know who I am. I have a twin brother, and when I try to jog her memory by reminding her I am Michael’s sister…one of THE twins, she says I can’t be because I’m too old. Doesn’t matter, whoever I am is fine with her and it’s ok with me too. My mission is for her to be happy!
    I’m sending many good thoughts your way and I love your blog!

  2. I love your stories of your outings and just how special the two of you are….. ANd happy belated birthday to Peter so glad it was a really wonderful day for the both of you.

  3. Another wonderful way you make Poppys life so wonderful….even if he can’t remember…and obviously I don’t either 😔

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