Is it over easy?

Here’s a laugh without tears as per my New Year’s resolution. It’s a memory from a hot sunny day to counteract the miserable, icy January scene outside my window.


DSC09936Vacations on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, or other spots along the Atlantic coast, have been family favorites for years. Well, favorites for all except my husband. Peter doesn’t really enjoy the beach, but he can be lured with a good breakfast first — part of our tradition. One diner we stopped at had a long, varied menu. Peter, as usual, didn’t have his glasses, though he insisted he could read the fine print. Nonetheless he kept asking the table at large, “What do I want?” as he so often does anymore.

“Order your usual,” I said. He nodded and continued squinting at the menu.

When the young waiter returned, the rest of us ordered quickly, but Peter looked at me and asked again, “What do I want?”

Leslie and I grinned at each other and, in unison, recited, “Two eggs over easy, sausage, home fries, whole wheat toast.”

The waiter was startled. After a pause he asked, “What, is this guy mute?”

It probably wasn’t all that funny, but even Peter laughed with the rest of us. The only tears were caused by laughter.

The young man got a nice tip.

DSC096562016 National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ contest finalist. 

3 thoughts on “Is it over easy?

  1. I remember that day. Didn’t we wait for like an hour or more to get served? I was STARVING! What a nice family vacation that was. : )

    • I’ve been reminded that that specific breakfast event took place on the Eastern Shore of Virginia; but, yes, a very similar breakfast conversation took place on the vacation you mention. That’s the thing about dementia, it repeats, and repeats, and rePetes! Do we laugh 😉 or cry? 🙁

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